On December 17, 2012 the Source the Station crowdsourced placemaking community announced that they secured three feasibility study ideas that were determined by Huntington Station residents for the revitalization of downtown Huntington Station in Long Island, New York. The three ideas earned the designated threshold of “likes” during Source the Station’s Downtown Living and Public Destinations Campaigns. This campaign was interrupted by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, yet Huntington Station residents were resilient in their desire to see a revitalized community that reflects their shared values.

The Public Destination idea, “The Centre at Huntington Station” (representative image above), is described by author Kim Hawkins as, “A vibrant outdoor shopping, residential and entertainment center with a unique combination of specialty retail stores (including book store, accessories boutique, clothing, shoes, bank and etc.) exciting upscale diverse restaurants (Hispanic, Caribbean, Soul and etc) and amenities that include fitness (gym, dance studio and all American sports Restaurant), a central plaza with outdoor cafes and meeting areas, an ice-skating rink (November through March), and cultural outdoor events including summer concerts that provides a neighborhood gathering spot for residents.”  Kim’s idea is inspired by her visit to Pentagon Row in Arlington, VA.

The two Downtown Living ideas that secured feasibility studies were submitted by twenty-somethings who created the ideas out of discussions with their peers. Ashley Sutter proposed “Attainably-Priced Homes for Young People” saying, “I keep seeing a trend on Long Island – young 20 somethings are not able to afford the cost of housing. I think beautiful, affordable housing would be a wonderful idea.”References to Patchogue and artists lofts were suggested by others regarding what this idea could look like.  The second Downtown Living idea that earn to feasibility was “Apartments/Condos Over Storefronts”, which was created by Harry Burger. Harry described the ideas as, “This is a popular strategy to increase the supply of workforce housing while adding to and diversifying revenue streams for the land owner.  Who knows, maybe somebody can live right above where they work for the shortest commute ever! We very much need more rental apartments that young professionals like teachers, nurses, and engineers can afford to live in on a starting salary that aren’t illegal basements.

The feasibility studies will be completed and ready for review by the community by February 1, 2013. Source the Station will be looking for top Public Destination ideas over 75 “likes” to receive additional feasibility studies by the following dates: January 31, 2013, March 31, 2013 and May 31, 2013.