In August, Source the Station, the community-driven crowdsourced placemaking initiative  in Huntington Station managed by CSPM Group, held a festive happy hour at a newly opened Cuban Restaurant, Rincon Criollo, strengthening their relationship with the owner and manager in supporting a new business that has arrived in Huntington Station!

In the first half of September, Source the Station continued outreach for their signatures campaign for (1) NYS DOT land transfer and (2) Huntington Station sewer monies from Suffolk County petitions. They worked collaboratively with the community and several community organizations to surpass their goal of 500 signatures and reach 630 signatures of support.

On September 16th, 2015 the Town of Huntington Board approved 5-0 SEQR for the master developer Renaissance Downtowns’ immediate development opportunities with full Source the Station members’ support and no noticeable community opposition.

On October 30th Source the Station held their first tactical urbanism event, Gateway Nights, to demonstrate what vibrant plaza life could be like. They had an extremely well-attended event showcasing what an active, vibrant downtown would feel like, with two live bands perform, pizza, free pumpkin painting for kids and adults, 250+ people coming and going throughout the night and myriad positive feedback. There were many requests to make it an on-going occurrence.

As always, Source the Station continues thinking of ways to create opportunities for better utilizing tactical urbanism while awaiting development, keeping the community informed and continuing their outreach to community stakeholders who may not yet be aware of their efforts online and in person. The success of Gateway Nights has rendered many fruitful conversations make these nighttime events a regular occurrence come spring 2016.